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Funeral Decisions

Our elegant Announcement Service is designed to offer a dedicated page of the deceased, illustrating all the important details in one place, that can easily be shared with family and friends.

The Logistics

† how can you tell everybody?

The death of a relative or friend starts a period of great difficulty for everyone involved. In addition to feelings of grief, those closest to the deceased must deal with logistical aspects of the tragedy, including notifications about the funeral, memorial and other gatherings that need to get distributed.

To simplify this burden, we’ve created a dedicated announcement service, where your loved one can occupy a dedicated personal page, that offers all the required announcement details in one beautifully illustrated place, which can be easily shared with family and friends across all digital platforms.


† and acknowledgements

When you allow Arthur Worsley Funeral Services to support you in announcing the death of a loved one you can depend on us to deliver the following online digital service:

Dedicated Page

Only illustrates the details of the person who has passed.

Personal Information

Full Name, Date of Birth and Date of Death will be beautifully arranged in their own personal page.

Quality Imagery

Offer a recent photo that helps people to recognise the passing of someone they knew and reflects the warmth of their character.

We have full editing photoshop capability meaning we can alter images (remove others from the shot), whatever is required to meet your wishes.

A placeholder image will be used if a photo cannot be provided.

Obituary or Message

You can write a short notice that summarises the person or write full obituary that encompasses the character and soul of the person.

Further details of how to write a funeral notice or an obituary can be found here.

However, the basics to include in all messages would be:

  • Name of deceased.
  • Age at time of death.
  • Birth and death dates.
  • Schooling or education.
  • Accomplishments or biographical sketch.
  • Immediate family members still living and deceased.
  • Funeral arrangements, date, time and location.

Helpful article: read me 

Funeral Flowers

It is important to advise those in attendance whether you’re open to receiving flowers or whether it is just for the close family members.

The reason for this, is sometimes it can become overwhelming and upsetting if there is not adequate space for the arrangements to be placed.

Charity Donation

We will set up a just giving page of your chosen charity in honour of the one who has passed.

The dedicated announcement page will, offer an introduction with hyperlinks to the just giving page. All payments taken will be automatically directed to the chosen charity and a total running amount donated can be monitored and measured. We will keep the Just Giving page open until such time as you advise we take it down.

Service Information

It is important for those looking to attend that the Location, Date and Time of the Funeral Service, Committal or Interment Service and the Reception (if there is one), is correctly labelled.

We will mark these locations in both list and map form.

Map Pin Locators

We offer an interactive mobile friendly map with hyperlinks to Google Maps that present directions so there can be no uncertainty surrounding this important day.



In the following days of a funeral service, some also appreciate the opportunity to thank friends and family who attended the day, with a short note on behalf of the ones they have lost.

View Template



Contact us to design a dedicated personal page that holds all the relevant details and can be easily shared with family and friends across all digital platforms.

View Template


† support sheet

If you would like a dedicated page to commemorate the death of a loved one please download the support sheet, complete and return to us.

Alternatively speak to one of our funeral directors who would be happy to talk you through the process and fill in all the details on your behalf.

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