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Funeral Costs

Arranging a Funeral

There are many factors and considerations that can be charged to a funerals final cost and so we offer guidance throughout to ensure that ultimately you can achieve the service you wish for.

How much?

† we’re transparent

As every funeral is unique to the individual, no two services are the same. As such, there is no clear figure we can provide to guide you as to the complete cost of a funeral. It is wholly dependent upon your choices. However, we appreciate the need to be transparent in these circumstances and so we offer the following detail.

When arranging the death of a loved one, it’s important to note that the final funeral account can be divided into two separate parts: the Funeral Directors charges and the Disbursements.

1. The Funeral Directors charges

The Funeral Directors charges contain our professional fees and overhead costs which can include the following:  

–   provide advice and assistance with the registration of the death please be aware that as Funeral Directors we cannot register a death, this must be done by a family member or person closely connected with the deceased.

–   place appropriate notices in local and/or national newspapers and online if required.

–   transfer the deceased from the place of death, or from the location to which the deceased has been taken, to our Chapel of Rest.

–   provide practical assistance if required to allow the deceased to remain at home prior to the funeral.

–   arrange for viewing of the deceased prior to the funeral, according to your wishes.

–   advise on churches, venue and officiating minister or appropriate person to conduct the funeral service.

–   deal with all necessary paperwork to enable burial or cremation to take place.

–   arrange a date and time for the funeral, according to your instructions.

–   contact the church, cemetery or crematorium and the person who will be conducting the service.

–   arrange floral tributes on behalf of the family and/or friends and care for floral tributes delivered to our premises prior to the funeral.

–   advise and arrange Order of Service sheets or associated funeral stationery for the funeral service.

–   arrange any special musical requests for the funeral service in the form of recordings or live performers eg: soloist or choir.

–   provide the necessary funeral vehicles and staff to conduct the funeral with dignity and professionalism, in accordance with your instructions.

–   record those attending the service and provide you with an appropriate listing.

–   advise on appropriate venues and catering following the funeral if required.

–   make arrangements for the subsequent disposal of the remains following a cremation.

–   accept donations for any nominated charity and provide you with a list of those who have donated – provide a direct link to just giving page on their dedicated announcement page

–   arrange for transfer of either the deceased or the cremated remains to another area of the country, or repatriation overseas, for a subsequent funeral or disposal, in accordance with your wishes.

–   place ‘Thank You’ and acknowledgement notice, or obituary notices following the funeral in the press and/or online.

–   an itemised and comprehensive invoice of your final account.


*** Hygienic treatment and attendances to the deceased are also considered to be very important. We believe that in asking us to look after a member of your family, you would like to be certain that the best which could be done for your relative has been carried out whether you wish to visit the deceased before the funeral or not.

2. The Disbursement charges

Disbursements are essentially fees that we pay out on behalf of the family, ie: Doctor’s Fees where appropriate, Crematorium and or Cemetery Fees and Parochial Fees, Newspapers etc.

Our written estimate (if requested) will detail the approximate costs of any disbursements. However, you will appreciate that we have no direct control over these charges and they could therefore be subject to slight variations.

It’s also important to consider the following options when ascertaining the final cost of a funeral.

Notify Everyone

Our elegant Announcement Service is designed to offer a dedicated page of your beloved, illustrating all the important details in one place, that can easily be shared with family and friends. Furthermore, this page is unique to their memory and will never be deleted.


Choose one of our professional Celebrants to officiate your service. It’s their position to write and conduct a personalised ceremony with care and respect that honour and celebrate a person’s life.


Whether it’s hearses, limousines, horse drawn carriages or tractors, we can deliver exactly what you’re looking for. We are very proud of our fleet of vehicles which are impeccably maintained.

Memorial Masonry

We continue to work with and recommend a local family run business that was established 1930 and who specialise in the design, building, renovation and cleaning of all types of top quality Memorials.

Urns + Keepsakes

When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. We understand the importance that, at times, we like to keep hold of the people we love and remember them with love.

Order of Service

Creating a beautiful ‘Order of Service’ in memory of your loved one can be a fitting remembrance for all to cherish. We can help you in personalising imagery, hymns, poems and overall styling.

Floral Tributes

Funeral flowers provide a touching tribute and can brighten up what is a difficult occasion. We have partnered with local florists who can support you in making the best arrangement for the day.

Coffin Range

We have partnered with the best quality craftsmen to ensure whatever your choice between coffins and urns, you won’t be disappointed. There are a lot to choose from so it’s important to take the time to consider your options.

The earlier we become involved, the sooner we can help and act on your behalf. You may be concerned about your own funeral arrangements, or those of someone who is ill. In these circumstances we can offer advice on funeral pre-payment plans and arrangements.

Alternatively, you may need advice with regards to a sudden death and are unsure what happens next, or you may simply want an estimate of funeral costs. Whatever your requirements we will be pleased to prepare you for or help you through what is an emotional and difficult time.

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