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What Must I Do

Arranging a Funeral

When someone dies it is perfectly normal to be unsure of what to do. This guide will take you through the first steps after a death, offering you help and support at such a difficult time.

The First Steps

† we’ll walk you through it

Arthur Worsley’s Funeral Directors understands that at this time, it can become daunting when contemplating all that must be done. We provide you with our 5 steps to make this journey as straightforward as possible for you.

1. Get a medical certificate + care

If your loved one has died in hospital, the hospital will usually issue the certificate for you, otherwise you should speak to their GP about obtaining this important document.

You will then need to contact your local funeral directors, to arrange for the deceased to be collected and brought into their care and kept in their Chapel of Rest.

2. Register the death

This needs to be done within 5 days of the death (8 in Scotland), and will give you the necessary documentation for arranging a funeral. For more information on how to register a death, you can visit our further support page.

3. Arrange the funeral

Contact the dedicated team at Arthur Worsley Funeral Directors via telephone, contact form or visit the office where we will discuss your needs with you. It’s worth noting that you can start funeral arrangements at any time including while you wait for any legal documentation in steps 1 + 2.

4. Notify People

If you are the spouse or civil partner of the person who has died, you will need to tell their friends and family about the death. This part is never easy, but it can help to have bereavement support.

We have developed an elegant Announcement Service that is designed to offer a dedicated page of the deceased, illustrating all the important details in one place, that can be shared with family and friends.

5. Organise the estate

This is usually left to the person named as executor of the Will, and it is their job to organise the money and property of the deceased.

Inform Tell Us Once about the death within the first two weeks. They will tell authorities and government services that your loved one has passed away, rather than having to contact each authority separately.

VISIT: Government Support – tell us once

+ Deal with online accounts – This includes online banking and any social media accounts your loved one may have. Each platform will have Terms of Service unique to them, so you may require different legal documentation to access it.

If you have questions about anything you read here, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will support you through this process.

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